About Creation Truth Foundation

In the late 1960's, G. Thomas Sharp, who was at that time already an experienced science educator as well as a pastor of a medium sized Bible church in Alabama, came face to face with staggering domestic problems in the lives of his church members and students.

These problems compelled him to begin a search for causes, answers and solutions to these problems. The process was arduous and heart rending, however, the ultimate formation and ministry of Creation Truth Foundation, Inc., was birthed as the result of this research.

There were several earth-shaking realities that were uncovered in these early formative years—a number of which will be extremely important for the reader to know. Dr. Sharp discovered that something extremely formidable existed deep within the culture that was corrupting everything it touched—and the conservative evangelical community was helpless before its onslaught, for they too were falling as victims.

It was discovered that Bible believing families throughout the United States were suffering the loss of 60% to 70% of their sons and daughters to secular thinking by the time they reached 15 years of age! 

It was further discovered that church going families were experiencing a 40%+ divorce rate! Moreover, it was observed that the Christian father, the vital link in the family who was intended to provide headship, identity and purpose, was vanishing from his God ordained place of leadership. In short, it became obvious that the number one target of this terrible attack was the family, and the family is, of course, the key to everything else in society.

The first task Dr. Sharp had to do was to positively identify the root cause of this attack. The research process extended over a twelve year time frame (1975-1987) that ultimately culminated in the publication of a three volume set of books entitled Science According to Moses.

His research revealed that Darwinian evolutionism has overthrown, in the name of science, the dominance of the Bible (creation in particular) as the foundation of America’s world view. Thus giving apparent "scientific" sanction to a mind-set governed by situational ethics (the many ramifications of this phenomenon is discussed in detail in Dr. Sharp’s above mentioned work). 

Ultimately, however, by 1962-63 this secular world view and life style provided the public platform that made it easy for the secular humanist to separate God from all public life and practice—chief of which was the so-called unconstitutionality of prayer and Bible reading in the public schools of America. This quickly produced unprecedented moral and educational decline throughout our beloved country.

America’s only hope, it was determined, was for the Bible believing public of our land to awaken to the reality of a true Biblical faith. Basic to this renewal is a return to all of realities of Biblical Creation. 

That is, if the God of sacred Scripture is our Creator, then He is our owner and because He is—only He can set the rules and we, His children, must obediently follow them, asking no questions.

Thus the need for a return to our Biblical foundation (Genesis 1-12) in complete faith and practice became overwhelmingly apparent. Accordingly, after much prayer and counseling with several leading pastors in America, many Christian parents, as well as myriad Christian professionals, Creation Truth Foundation, Inc., was birthed August 9, 1989.

In the organizational meeting, it was determined that awakening could only come to America from within the Christian community (II Chronicles 7:14). Therefore the following objectives were drafted as the official mission statement for all operations, activities and projects of Creation Truth Foundation, Inc.